Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather Photo Contest Winners

Shelf cloud approaching the beach.

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to the first installment of our GPM Extreme Weather Photo Competition. We loved all of your entries and thoroughly appreciate your participation!

The GPM Photo Competition Committee is happy to announce our top 5 picks. We’ll be sending the submitters NASA bags and GPM stickers. Please stay tuned for additional contests and activities.



GPM Extreme Weather Photo Contest

GPM Extreme Weather Photo Contest

Mosaic of extreme weather photos

Powerful weather systems like thunderstorms and tornadoes are awesome displays of the force of nature. Now NASA wants to display YOUR photos of extreme weather!

Post your coolest photographs and we'll pick the best ones to feature on the NASA Precipitation Measurement Missions websites (http://pmm.nasa.gov/  & http://www.nasa.gov/GPM).

GPM: Hurricanes Beyond the Tropics

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On August 28, 2011, Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont, causing widespread damage and the worst flooding in 75 years. Irene's impact in New England shows that tropical cyclones can greatly affect regions outside the view of TRMM. The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission will build upon TRMM's legacy by examining a larger swath of Earth with more sensitive instruments.


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