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The primary objectives of GCPEx are to obtain coordinated high quality in situ and remote sensing observations of falling snow events in a northern latitude climate. Such systems are prevalent in the Ontario region in the December- February timeframe where monthly mean snowfall amounts are approximately 40, 30 and 25 cm/month for December, January and February, respectively. Furthermore, the primary choice for DC-8 operations (Bangor, Maine) will allow potential sampling of Nor’Eastern Blizzards and heavy snow events over St.

GPM and Cloudsat Researchers Meet in Helsinki to Discuss LPVEx Data

GPM and CloudSat ground validation researchers are currently meeting at the University of Helsinki to discuss  strategies for analyzing airborne and ground-based datasets from the Light Precipitation Validation Experiment (LPVEx) field campaign. This data analysis will help improve satellite-based precipitation retrievals in high latitude light rain and snowfall events.

GCPEX Science Plan

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During the GPM pre-launch period physically-based snowfall retrieval algorithms are in an active phase of development. Further refinement and testing of these emerging algorithms requires the collection of targeted ground-validation datasets in snowing environments. This document describes a field campaign effort designed to provide both new datasets and physical insights related to the snowfall process- especially as they relate to the incorporation of appropriate physics into GPM snowfall retrieval algorithms.

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