Italy's Extreme Rainfall Examined With IMERG

During the past week a strong low-pressure system moving through southern Europe battered, drenched and flooded Italy. It caused flooding, landslides and other damage to large areas of the country. The deaths of at least 11 people have been attributed to this stormy weather. High winds knocked down many trees and heavy rainfall from these storms contributed to flooding in large areas of Italy. Venice was inundated when heavy rain fell and a surge of water from the Adriatic Sea was pushed into the city by the storm's very high winds. Data from various satellites, that cover most of the globe

Heavy Rain Brings Flooding to Central and Northern Italy

Beginning this past weekend, parts of central and northern Italy received several days of heavy rain as an upper-level trough situated over western Europe down through the Iberian Peninsula in conjunction with a persistent area of low pressure at the surface over the northern coast of Africa brought a steady flow of warm, moist, unstable air northeastward across the country from the western Mediterranean. A stationary frontal boundary draped across the northern third of the Italian Peninsula provided the focus for showers and storms in that part of the country. The rains caused flooding in