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PPS Announces the Release of New GPM Data Products Level 1-Level 3 NOAA20_ATMS

PPS is announcing the availability of the new NOAA20_ATMS products which will be available starting today, Tuesday September 04, 2018 The NOAA20_ATMS data range starts with November 29, 2017 and will be processed to the current date. November/December 2017 products will be available this afternoon. The corresponding PPS TKIO to be used with this data is tkio 3.80.26: PPS is currently processing the following NOAA20_ATMS products (below). The entire data set will be available over the next couple of weeks. This consists of

TKIO Annoucement - PPS is Announcing a New tkio-3.90.0 Release

PPS is releasing version 3.90.0 build of the PPS TKIO toolkit to the public. This version is currently being used for PPS GPM data production. The tar file directory along with the release notes can be found at: We have also attached these corresponding release notes for your convenience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the PPS Helpdesk at:

PPS Announces V06A GPM Level 2 - Level 3 DPR and Combined Data Processing/ Reprocessing

The Precipitation Processing System (PPS) will begin processing and reprocessing GPM Level 2 - Level 3 DPR and Combined data as version V06A. The switch to V06A for these products will begin with October 01, 2018 GPM data. This data will be available to the public after October 04, 2018 at the earliest once they have been reviewed and approved by the Science Team. The following data products will be processed/reprocessed as V06A: 2AKa 2AKu 2ADPR 3DPRD 3DPR_ASC 3DPR_DES 3DPR 2BCMB 3CMB_DAY 3CMB 2HSLH 3GSLH 3HSLH_DAY 3HSLH These GPM data products will be made available through the PPS "arthurhou

PPS Announces TRMM Level 2-Level 3 Combined GPM V06A Data Reprocessing

The Precipitation Processing System (PPS) is scheduled to begin TRMM L2-L3 Combined GPM V06A data reprocessing on Wednesday October 31, 2018. These TRMM/GPM data products will be made available through the PPS "arthurhou" ftp archive: and STORM (PPS's Online Data Ordering Interface): after these products are produced and archived. NASA requires that all science data users register in order to access these products. If you haven't registered, please visit the PPS registration portal at: https://registration.pps.eosdis.nasa

Change in letter on GMI NRT GPROF data products

Effective on the date and time above, all the NRY GPROF data product verson numbers were changed by increasing the letter of the data product version. This letter change means that data products were changed but no backward processing is undertaken. Only the products forward of the date/time have been altered. So, for GMI GPROF the vesion changed from V05A to V05B. Other instrument GPROF retrievals had a similar change but appropriate to their starting data product version. The algorithm itself did not change but some of the database profiles did. The algorithm team provided the following

PPS Announcing Data Product Version Change for GPM Level 2 and Level 3 GPROF Data -Available Starting Mon Feb. 04, 2019

Beginning on Monday February 04, 2019, the Level 2 and Level 3 GPM GPROF products will be produced with an updated monthly emissivity class file (see developers comments below). PPS will increment the product version for all Level 2 and Level 3 GPROF products starting with the first full orbit on data date February 1, 2019. The current version of these products will cease with data date Jan 31, 2019 and will remain unchanged. The new production version numbers/ designations will be incremented as shown in the table below. Data Source Product Version F16_SSMIS V05B F17_SSMIS V05B F18_SSMIS V05B

PPS Announces Limited RETRO-Processing of L1-L3 F16 SSMIS as Version V05B for Apr 2015 through Jan 2018

Starting early the week of March 04, 2019 or shortly after ; PPS will be doing a limited RETRO-processing of Level 1 - Level 3 F16 SSMIS as Version V05B for the period of April 2015 through January 2018. Please see the table below for the specific products and dates affected. If you have previously obtained any of the data listed below, please discard these and replace this data with the retro-processed data as listed. +-------------------------+---------------------+---------------------+----------------+------------+ | DataType | Start of Data | End of Data | ProductVersion | # Granules | +-

PPS Announces Level 2- Level 3 PRPS MT1 SAPHIR V06 reprocessing

PPS will be doing a full reprocessing of Level 2 - Level 3 PRPS MT1 SAPHIR data as V06A for release starting Wednesday March 06, 2019. In addition to the regular data products there will be a Climatology product as with the current L2-L3 GPROF data products. The following data will be reprocessed as V06A: +-----------------------------------------+-----------------+-------------------+ | DataType |Start of Data | End of Data | +-----------------------------------------+-----------------+-------------------+ | 2APRPSMT1SAPHIR | 2014-02-01 | 2018-12-15 | | 3PRPSMT1SAPHIR | 2014-02-01 | 2018-12

PPS Announces GPM IMERG V06 Data Availability Starting after 3/13/2019

Starting this week (Wednesday March 13, 2019 or soon after) PPS will commence GPM IMERG data reprocessing for IMERG V06. PPS will start reprocessing with the GPM-era data and will make these products available as they are archived. Thereafter, we will reprocess the TRMM-era data. The first available products for the GPM-era will start with June 2014. TRMM-era products will span June 2000 - May 2014. Earlier TRMM-era processing, 1998-01 to 2000-05, will proceed when all required input data have been provided. We have attached the latest IMERG documentation for your convenience. Developers and

GPM IMERG V06A is being retracted for correction

An error has been discovered in processing the initial batches of V06 IMERG Final Run months. A design choice in the code ended up retaining microwave precipitation estimates in the latitude band 60°N-S when there is snow/ice on the surface, rather than masking out the estimates due to low performance in such cases. [Masking for microwave retrievals over surface snow and ice outside that band is correct.] All V06A Monthly and Half-hourly IMERG products are being retracted, as shown in this table (Encompassing all IMERG V06A data that had been reprocessed and archived -to date): ----------+----