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PPS Announces V06A GPM Level 2 - Level 3 DPR and Combined Data Processing/ Reprocessing

The Precipitation Processing System (PPS) will begin processing and reprocessing GPM Level 2 - Level 3 DPR and Combined data as version V06A.  The switch to V06A for these products will begin with October 01, 2018 GPM data. This data will be available to the public after October 04, 2018 at the earliest once they have been reviewed and approved by the Science Team.

The following data products will be processed/reprocessed as V06A:


TKIO Annoucement - PPS is Announcing a New tkio-3.90.0 Release

PPS is releasing version 3.90.0 build of the PPS TKIO toolkit to the public. This version is currently being used for PPS GPM data production.

The tar file directory along with the release notes can be found at: 
We have also attached these corresponding release notes for your convenience.

Go To Class

We Want You to Go to Class!

Our students desperately need to have some face to face time with scientists and engineers who are doing amazing things to make their world a better place.  That means you guys! From time to time, you may be invited to give a presentation on your work to kids in some context- and we want to make it easier for you. You might even reach out yourself to your local school and offer to come in and give a talk. 


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