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Preschool GPM Outreach Activities

Preschool kid playing with GPM droplet

These are such fun little people with very short attention spans and lots of enthusiasm and questions! They will also want to tell you everything they know and then some, and everyone wants to get a turn to share in. While that is exciting, it can also sidetrack anything you are trying to convey pretty quickly!

Here are some general guidelines for working with this age group:

2018 PMM Science Team Meeting

Monday, October 8, 2018 to Friday, October 12, 2018
Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona

Please save the dates of October 8-12, 2018 for the next PMM Science Team Meeting. It is expected that the meeting will be held at the Embassy Suites in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona. Additional registration information including logistical information will follow shortly. The meeting format will be similar to last year:

Monday:          Workgroup Meetings and (JPST?)

Tuesday:          General session and poster session in the late afternoon/evening

Mission Affiliation: 

PMM Science Team

The NASA Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) Science Team conducts scientific research (including algorithm development, mission implementation, product validation, and data utilization) in support of TRMM and GPM Missions. The team comprises scientists funded by NASA and international investigators selected by NASA on the basis of no exchange of funds.

Gauge Combination Error in 2016, Affects 3B42/43 and IMERG Final Run

We have discovered that the gauge analysis was erroneously omitted from the "production" 3B42/43 products starting with January 2016 due to issues with handling a change of data format.  Thus, the production 3B42/43 are being re-computed.  This does not affect the TMPA-RT suite of products, since no month-to-month gauge data are used.

Note this issue also affects the current Version 3 IMERG Final Run products for January 2016.  They are being recomputed as well.  The current Version 3 IMERG Early and Late Runs are not affected.

Jan. 2016 GPM IMERG and Jan.-Jun. 2016 TMPA 3B42/3B43 Data Products are Being Recalled and Replaced

UPDATE 9/27/16:

January 2016 IMERG has been regenerated and posted.  This was necessary
due to an error that omitted the gauge analysis in the Final products.
Also, 3B42/3B43 have been recomputed and posted. Let me know if you have
any further questions. 


PPS has removed the January 2016 GPM IMERG and January through June 2016 3B42/3B43 TMPA products from our ftp archive:


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