IMERG Final Run PPS Research GIS

Data Download Instructions
  • Click here to register for PPS data access
  • Read documentation for using IMERG GeoTIFF + Worldfiles
  • Files located in ./[yyyy]/[mm]/[dd]/gis/
  • 30 minute,  1 day and 1 month files are all available in the same directory, with the timespan indicated within the filename ( is a 1 day file) 
  • 1 month files are located in the folder corresponding to the first day of each month.
  • Precipitation values are scaled by a factor of x10 (0.1mm) for 30 minute and 1 day files, and are scaled by a factor of x1000 (.001mm) for 1 month files.
  • When you download and unzip the *.zip files of Final IMERG GIS, you will find *.tif files that contain precipitation accumulations (filenames ending in ".total.accum.tif") and other *.tif files that contain precipitation rates averaged over time (filenames ending in ".total.rate.tif").
  • Data access is also available via FTPS, click here for instructions.
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