Huge panoramic view of an approaching storm.
Panoramic view of a large storm approaching Kechi Kansas.

Date and Location:
May 30, 2012
Kechi, Kansas

How this Photo was Taken:
“As a large squall line moved through the area.  The National Weather Service had warned about a large scale Derecho forming and moving through.  This spawned a couple brief severe thunderstorms that dumped hail on rush hour traffic before the main line moved in.  As the bigger storm moved into the Wichita area, reports were coming in of 70 mph winds and hail.  There is an open farm field roughly two miles from my house that I shot lightning on the previous night.  I sat there for about 20 minutes before this large squall line pushed through the clouds.  I was hit with a pretty good gust front as it got closer, but as the winds increased, I decided to get to shelter.  This photo was one of the last ones I took.  This story and others are available at and this specific story is at “

About Photographer Brian Johnson:
“I am a local storm chaser for a group of radio stations and love doing storm photography.

I have been enjoying severe weather since being caught in a tornado at seven years old.  My father still regrets saying the words “Look at that”.  Remember, if you take a frightened child out into a storm to show them how beautiful nature’s fury can be, they may turn out like me.  I also am a published writer and you can follow those exploits at”


This photo was submitted as part of the GPM Extreme Weather Photo Contest

Brian Johnson