3 CMB PPS Research

Data Download Instructions
  • Click here to register for PPS data access
  • 3 CMB files located in ./[yyyy]/[mm]/[dd]/radar/...
  • 3 CMB files are indicated by filenames that start with 3B-ORBIT.GPM.DPRGMI for GPM files and 3B-ORBIT.TRMM.PRTMI for TRMM files
  • 1 month files are located in the folder corresponding to the first day of each month, with filenames starting with 3B-MO
  • The 3 CMB HDF5 file contains both grid sizes (5x5 and 0.25x0.25 degree) in the G1 and G2 structure, respectively.
  • The STORM data ordering website allows for data subsetting, locating files for specific date ranges and geographic regions, and browsing of data before download. 
  • Data access is also available via FTPS, click here for instructions.
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