IMERG rainfall totals from Hurricane Hilary.
Hurricane Hilary is being hailed as a historic storm after becoming the first tropical storm to hit California since Sept. 24, 1939. The storm has had a large impact on the region - in addition to gusty winds, Hilary’s rains have resulted in widespread flooding, landslides, washed out roads and numerous other closures. Like most East Pacific tropical cyclones, Hilary originated from a westward propagating tropical wave that crossed over Central America from the western Caribbean into the eastern Pacific. Known as “African easterly waves”, these are the same waves that emerge off the coast of

Hilary And Irwin Interaction Shown

Tropical cyclone development in the eastern Pacific Ocean has been occurring at a slightly above normal pace this year. Hurricanes Hilary and Irwin were the two most recently named tropical cyclones to form in this area. These two were a little unusual because they traveled so close to each other that an interaction occurred that radically changed the direction and speed of tropical storm Irwin's movement. The Fujiwara effect happens when cyclones move close of one another. Their centers will sometimes begin orbiting cyclonically (in the northern hemisphere) about a point between the two