Damrey's Heavy Rainfall Examined Using IMERG Data

Typhoon Damrey originated as a tropical depression over the Philippines on October 31, 2017. Damrey intensified while moving westward over the South China Sea and became a typhoon on November 3, 2017. Typhoon Damrey hit Vietnam's south central coast the next day with sustained winds of about 75 kts (~86 mph). Torrential rainfall led to deadly flooding. As much as 580 mm (22.8 inches) of rain was reported near the coast well north of where typhoon Damrey came ashore. The Vietnamese government reported that Damrey was responsible for 89 deaths. This rainfall accumulation analysis was derived

Intensifying Typhoon Damrey Threatens Vietnam

Typhoon Damrey has been increasing in intensity since forming in the South China sea west of the Philippines on November 1, 2017. Damrey has moved westward through the South China Sea and is now threatening southern Vietnam. The GPM core observatory satellite passed above Damrey on November 3, 2017 at 0118 UTC when the typhoon's winds had reached about 65 kts (75 mph). The satellite's Microwave Imager (GMI) and Dual Frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR) instruments collected data showing the locations of rainfall within the typhoon. Damrey's center of circulation was evident but the typhoon didn