GPM Level 2 and Level 3 Data Products will be Designated V07B Starting Sat. July, 1, 2023

Commencing with the data date of Saturday July 1, 2023, all GPM Level 2 and Level 3 data products will be updated to the designation V07B. PPS will be making these V07B data products available to the public starting on Thursday July 06, 2023. This version update is necessary since there has been a change to the GPM autosnow input data for these GPM Level 2 and Level 3 algorithms. PPS GPM Level 2 and Level 3 data processing will be on hold between Sat July 01 -Tue July 04, 2023 in order to close out the GPM Level 2 and Level 3 V07A products through June 30, 2023. On Wed July 05, 2023 we will

IMERG V07 Delay

The IMERG V07 algorithm release has been delayed as the team works to address some artifacts discovered during the development process. Currently, a near-complete version of the algorithm is in the integration and testing phase at NASA's Precipitation Processing System (PPS). The IMERG team has also decided to run the Final V07 version first to obtain information that will be useful in the near real-time IMERG V07 Early and Late products. As a result, the Early and Late products will continue to process as IMERG V06 for several months after the Final shifts to Version 07. Please continue to

GPM products will interrupt during the satellite safe-mode patch installation on Tuesday April 18, 2023

On Tuesday April 18, 2023 at 12:00 UTC the GPM Flight Operations Team will be uploading a firmware update to the GPM satellite. During this time the instruments will be shut down and the spacecraft will be put into sun acquisition mode. No science data will be available until the spacecraft is commanded back into Mission Science Mode. Instruments are expected to be back to nominal operations by 20:00 UTC. It will take additional time for PPS production to ingest and verify the data before processing restart. We will provide an update when activities are complete and nominal production has

Upgrade to IMERG Early and Late Runs

The upgrade of GPROF and the Combined Radar-Radiometer Algorithm (CORRA) code to Version 07 as of 0 UTC on May 9, 2022, while IMERG continues at V06 until August, requires the Early and Late Runs to change slightly and be given the version number 06C. Specifically, the V07 GPROF and CORRA data must be used in V06 IMERG, and the GPCP climatological calibration has been recomputed to account for the change in CORRA. In addition, the GMI-other sensor calibrations will shift over the next month as V07 data are incorporated into the accumulation files. We expect the Early and Late time series to be

GPM V07 Update for Radiometer IC, GPROF and Combined

Effective on May 9, 2022, the GPM near real-time (NRT) algorithm will convert to V07. There are substantial format changes in the combined and GPROF products for all radiometers. The 1C product has some additions to the swath information. Depending upon how you read the 1C files, you may or may not have to make changes in your programs. Please click here for the GPM V07 file specification document, where all the format changes and their meaning are described. For those using GPROF and combined products, please read the file specifications. There were no calibration changes in GMI, but SSMIS 1C

GPM Satellite Data Outages During 23-24 March 2022

A mis-set error counter on the Core Observatory provoked a safe hold at 13:31:29 UTC on 23 March 2022, shutting down DPR and GMI observations. DPR and GMI were restored at 10:54 and 14:54 UTC, respectively on 24 March 2022. No data were recoverable from the outage period, although IMERG Early and Late continued to be produced (without GMI input, of course). The same will be true for the Final Run when it is produced. An outage at FNMOC prevented transmission of DMSP (SSMIS) from 15:51 UTC 23 March 23 to 00:47 UTC 24 March 2022. Gaps in the data are: F16: 14:34:07-19:29:39, F17: 14:56:24-19:46

6 December 2021 GPM NRT radar product version update to V07

Effective approximately 01:30 UTC on 6 December V06 radar and combined data products will cease to be produced by the NRT. In the period 01:30 - 03:00 NASA and JAXA will be updating the radar products to the officially approved V07A data version. During this period no L2 Ka, Ku or DPR will be available. When radar data resumes it will be V07A which has major changes in swath organization as well as science content. The combined product is an interim product which will use V07A radar inputs but V05 GMI 1C inputs. This product is NOT the final or approved V07A combined product but does have the

PPS Will Commence GPM Version 7 DPR Processing on December 6, 2021

As of November 30, 2021, PPS has ceased production of GPM V06 DPR and Combined products. Starting on December 6, 2021 we will start GPM V07 processing beginning with Data date Dec 1, 2021 for GPM DPR ONLY. On December 10, 2021 we will start GPM (reprocessing) RP for V07 back to the beginning of the mission for GPM DPR ONLY. GPM GMI and Partner data will continue at the current version (V05) until February 2022 (approximately). Please note that the Combined GPM products will not be available again until February 2022. The above does not apply to GPM NRT (near real-time) processing. An

Transitioning to NRT Ku/Ka/DPR V07

At approximately 10:30 UTC 5 December 2021 until about 00:30 UTC 6 December. The GPM near realtime will be transitioning its software to product V07 radar products. The V07 radar products have a different format from V06. Users should point their browsers to and get the V07 file specification document that provides the new format for V07 radar products. The radiometer products will remain at their current V05 until at least February 2022. There are some format changes in the L1C V07 radiometer products and substantial changes in the GPROF data presentation. Again