Final Post-boost Radar Algorithms for V07 Being Delivered on 5 March 2024

Since January 2024 the PPS has been running the GPM near-realtime (NRT) radar Ku, Ka, DPR and the combined products with an interim version of the post-boost radar algorithms. This was designated with the data product version V07X (experimental). JAXA and the radar algorithm team have developed the final post-boost V07 algorithm and will be delivering this on 5 March 2024. We will start using the new algorithms with the arrival of the V07C radar Ku/Ka 1B data from JAXA. The L2 Ku/Ka/DPR and combined products will then also change the data product version to V07C. The algorithm ID for combined

Resumption of radar and combined NRT products

On 16 January 2024, JAXA MOS will begin sending an NRT version of L1B Ku and Ka radar. PPS NRT will begin producing L2 KU, KA, and DPR radar products. It will also begin producing combined GMI/radar products. All these products will have the data version V07X. The X is to designate that this is not the final code for radar products including boost adjustments but an early one to allow resumption of GPM NRT. The final version will arrive in March 2024. The algorithm versions for the radar products will also change. So, if you retrieve radar products based on file names, you should not use the

GPM Core Observatory in Sun Point Mode

On Dec. 1, 2023, at 7:43 p.m. ET (Dec. 2 at 00:43 GMT) the Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory (GPM-CO) satellite transitioned to Sun Point Mode (SPM) via onboard fault management response due to excessive attitude errors. Reaction Wheel #5 showed anomalous behavior and was taken out of the control loop during the reconfiguration. It is unclear currently whether this was the cause, or a result, of the attitude error. Subsequently, a solar array pointing error required additional recovery work. This condition has stopped the collection of science data from both the GMI and DPR

GPM Orbit Raise Burn #2 Complete

The GPM Mission Operations have successfully executed Orbit Raise Burn #2 for the GPM Core Observatory (GPM-CO). The maneuver performance was NOMINAL . Burn Start: 17:22:42 UTC* Burn End: 17:32:32 UTC* Duration: 590 seconds *slightly earlier than the planned time stated yesterday – adjusted to optimize altitude-raise performance and subsequent operational events. This completes the GPM-CO altitude-raising process; subsequent work will focus on returning the data products to regular production with as little difference from pre-boost behavior as possible. Note that DPR data will be held pending

GPM Orbit Raise Burn #1 Complete

The GPM Mission Operations have successfully executed Orbit Raise Burn #1 for the GPM Core Observatory. The maneuver performance was NOMINAL . Burn #1 Start: 14:19:53 UTC 7 November Burn #1 End: 14:29:43 UTC 7 November Duration: 590 seconds Post-maneuver orbit determination and burn reconstruction have begun. Burn efficiency will be presented at the CAM tomorrow morning and used in the prediction for Orbit Raise Burn #2 (and final), for which the timing is: Planned Burn #2 Start: 17:23:16 UTC 8 November Planned Burn #2 End: 17:33:06 UTC 8 November Planned Duration: 590 seconds Note that DPR

IMERG V07 Final Run Retrospective Processing Completed

As of Aug. 30, 2023, the entire available record of archived TRMM, GPM Core Observatory, partner satellite, and ancillary data has been retrospectively processed for the IMERG V07 Final Run dataset, covering June 2000 - April 2023. Initial processing (i.e., with newly arrived data) will extend the Final Run record as additional months of data are received, typically 3.5 months after the near real-time products, which users can determine by checking the IMERG Final Run data listings on the PPS or GES DISC GPM data sources (a full listing of GPM data downloads and sources can be found in the GPM

GPM L3 GPROF Daily and Monthly and L3 CLIM GPROF products will be updated to V07C on September 07, 2023

Commencing with the data date of Friday September 1, 2023 all GPM L3 GPROF Daily and Monthly products will be updated to the designation V07C. PPS will be making these V07C products available to the public starting on Thursday September 7, 2023. The L3 CLIM GPROF data products will also be updated on Thursday September 7, 2023. These products will commence with the data start date of Thursday June 1, 2023 and also have the designation V07C. This version update is necessary to correct the L3 gridded vertical hydrometeor profile means over the high latitude regions. This update identifies pixels