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GPM Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR) and TRMM Precipitation Radar (PR) single-orbit rainfall estimates. The objective of these radar algorithms is to generate f radar-only derived meteorological quantities on an instantaneous FOV (field of view) basis working from the level 1 radar products. A subset of these estimates serves as input data to the level 2 combined radar-radiometer algorithm and the level 3 combined and radar-only products. The general idea behind these level 2 algorithms is to determine general characteristics of the precipitation, correct for attenuation, and estimate profiles of the precipitation water content, rainfall rate. When dual-wavelength data are available, the algorithm also estimates the particle size distributions in the phase of the precipitation (i.e., liquid or frozen). GPM's dual-wavelength data will provide better estimates of rainfall and snowfall rates than those of the TRMM PR data. 

Processing Level
Dates Covered
April 2014 - Present (DPR); December 1997 - March 2015 (PR)
Data Simple Description
Single-orbit radar rainfall estimates for GPM DPR, Ka, Ku and TRMM PR
Minimum Latency
20 - 120 minutes (near real-time); 24 hours (research)
Spatial Resolution
Horizontal resolution: 5x5 km. Vertical resolution: 125m (DPR) and 250m (PR)
Current Algorithm Version
Date Last Updated
September 7th, 2017
Document Description

The purpose of this file specification document is to define the file content and format for the TRMM data products.

File Downloads
Date Last Updated
October 1st, 2018
Document Description

This document describes the basic idea of DPR data processing. It was originally written for the
algorithm used in the at-launch version (V03). The algorithm has been modi ed and improved
since then. Although the basic idea of data processing remains the same, the actual ow of
processing, in particular that in the solver module, has changed substantially. As a result, some
part of description in section 3.1 may not be relevant any more.

Changes in the DPR algorithm from V05 to V06

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