GPM/DPR Level 2 Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD)

Robert Meneghini
Toshio Iguchi
Shinta Seto
Naofumi Yoshida
Jun Awaka
Takuji Kubota
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The objective of the level 2 DPR algorithms is to generate from the level 1 DPR products radar-only derived meteorological quantities on an instantaneous FOV (field of view) basis. A subset of the results will be used by the level 2 combined radar-radiometer algorithm and the level 3 combined and radar-only products.

The general idea behind the algorithms is to determine general characteristics of the precipitation, correct for attenuation and estimate profiles of the precipitation water content, rainfall rate and, when dual-wavelength data are available, information on the particle size distributions in rain and snow. It is particularly important that dual-wavelength data will provide better estimates of rainfall and snowfall rates than the TRMM PR data by using the particle size information and the capability of estimating, even in convective storms, the height at which the precipitation transitions from solid to liquid.

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