GPM/DPR Level 2 Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD)

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Robert Meneghini
Toshio Iguchi
Shinta Seto
Naofumi Yoshida
Jun Awaka
Takuji Kubota
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This document describes the basic idea of DPR data processing. It was originally written for the algorithm used in the at-launch version (V03). The algorithm has been modified and improved since then. Although the basic idea of data processing remains the same, the actual flow of processing, in particular that in the solver module, has changed substantially. As a result, some part of description in Section 3.1 may not be relevant any more.

Version V07 is the first standard product to account for the Ka-band Precipitation Radar (KaPR) scan pattern changes implemented on May 21, 2018. This change in scan pattern allows for a more accurate precipitation estimation method for dual frequency radar, Ku-band and Kaband Precipitation radar (KuPR and KaPR), to be applied to the entire observation swath. On the other hand, this led to significant changes of DPR file specifications for common file structures before and after the scan change, in addition to algorithm evolutions. Outline is below and the details are described in each section in this ATBD.

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