2B Combined

The GPM Combined Radar-Radiometer Algorithm performs two basic functions: first, it provides, in principle, the most accurate, high resolution estimates of surface rainfall rate and precipitation vertical distributions that can be achieved from a spaceborne platform, and it is therefore valuable for applications where information regarding instantaneous storm structure are vital. Second, a global, representative collection of combined algorithm estimates will yield a single common reference dataset that can be used to “cross-calibrate” rain rate estimates from all of the passive microwave radiometers in the GPM constellation. The cross-calibration of radiometer estimates is crucial for developing a consistent, high time-resolution precipitation record for climate science and prediction model validation applications.

Processing Level
Dates Covered
December 1997 - April 2015 (TRMM), March 2014 - Present (GPM)
Data Simple Description
Single-orbit rainfall estimates from combined radar/radiometer data (GPM GMI & DPR, TRMM TMI & PR)
Minimum Latency
3 Hours (near real-time); 40 hours (research)
Spatial Resolution
Horizontal resolution: 5x5 km. Vertical resolution: 125m (DPR) and 250m (PR)
Current Algorithm Version
2B CMB PPS Research JacobAdmin Wed, 04/24/2019
2B CMB GES DISC JacobAdmin Wed, 04/24/2019