Photo of Vasco Mantas

Vasco Mantas

Affiliation: University of Coimbra, Earth and Space Science Center (CITEUC), Portugal

Project Mentee: Simon Ageet

2022 GPM Mentorship Program

Vasco Mantas


Name: Vasco Mantas

Affiliation: University of Coimbra, Earth and Space Science Center (CITEUC), Portugal

Project Mentees: Simon Ageet

Why are you participating in this program as a mentor?

The amazing wealth of remote sensing data now available is only valuable if users around the world can understand it, access it, and integrate it into research and applications. This is a complex endeavor, and it means that the path to go from novice to experienced user is often arduous and lengthy. Programs such as these can make the learning curve less steep, or at least less daunting, by connecting experienced researchers with new users. The dialogue the program enabled with the users and within the community was very enjoyable.

What is your area of expertise and how does GPM fit into your research?

My interest in GPM is primarily focused on the application and validation of gridded products, like IMERG. I use the products to study the impact of precipitation over land cover dynamics and also enjoy working with users in the design of applications catering to their needs.

What is a challenge you often notice by users with using remote sensing data? Any advice to overcome this challenge?

Understanding uncertainties and errors, especially when going from a global to a regional or local level. These is also often a concern voiced by end-users. My advice is to study the literature thoroughly, reach out to algorithm developers, analyze similar cases where the data was applied (if available) and, if still needed, design and implement an independent validation study. Throughout the process, document everything and be transparent when communicating the advantages and disadvantages of the products you or the end-users you are working with will be employing.

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