2011 PMM Science Team Meeting Summary from the Earth Observer, March 2012

Ellen Gray
Document Description

This excerpt from the March-April 2012 edition of The Earth Observer provides a summary of the activities at the PMM Science Team Meeting which took place from November 7 - 10 2011. The meeting brought together over 150 participants from 10 countries, and included representatives from NASA, JAXA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), universities, industry, and other international partner agencies. During the first three days of the meeting, participants focused on TRMM/ GPM programmatic summaries, international activities, ground validation summaries, and science reports from science team members. In addition to 12 oral presentations, two afternoon poster sessions were held to facilitate discussion of research results in an interactive forum. The final day was devoted to GPM algorithm team meetings. Working groups that focused on hydrology, algorithm development, latent heating, and land-surface characterization met throughout the week.