GPM Satellite Sees a Windstorm over Norway

GPM Satellite Sees a Windstorm over Norway
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On September 26, the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite flew over an extra-tropical cyclone whose center was approaching Norway. The Norwegian weather service reported that this storm brought gale-force winds to parts of Norway's coast.

Extra-tropical cyclones this strong or stronger are a regular feature of northern European winters. The particularly damaging ones are called "windstorms." Borrowing a page from hurricane forecasters, some weather agencies in affected countries name these storms. In fact, one such naming system called the September 26 extra-tropical cyclone "Irina" (Institute for Meteorology at the Free University of Berlin,

Data Sources

This section outlines the primary sources for downloading GPM and TRMM precipitation data from archive sites at Goddard Space Flight Center, including basic instructions for using each source.

NOTE: Use of the PPS FTP and STORM requires you to first register your email address. Click here to register.

GPM Selects Master Teachers

GPM Selects Master Teachers

NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement, or GPM, mission recently completed a competitive process to select 25 teachers from around the world for its Master Teacher Program. The chosen educators will develop educational resources based on GPM's data – with a focus on the water cycle and related applications – to share with their students and school communities.


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