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High Gain Antenna System (HGAS) Completes Deployment Testing

The High Gain Antenna System (HGAS) onboard the GPM Core Observatory finished acoustics and post-environmental deployment testing at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The HGAS will then undergo Thermal Vacuum testing before it is completed and delivered in mid-September.

The below video shows a test of the High Gain Antenna System as it will deploy once in orbit aboard the GPM Core Observatory.

GMI Completes Pre-Environmental Review

The GPM Microwave Imager (GMI) successfully completed Pre-Environmental Review (PER) on July 19-20, 2011, at Ball Aerospace in Colorado, which marks another key milestone for the GMI instrument. The GMI will undergo acoustic testing, vibration testing, and electromagnetic and thermal vacuum testing starting in August 2011. The GMI instrument is a multi-channel, conical-scanning, microwave radiometer, enabling the GPM Core Observatory to serve as a radiometric reference and also a transfer standard for the other GPM constellation members.

Core Observatory Passes Centrifuge Stress Testing

The GPM Core Observatory structure successfully completed proof testing in the centrifuge facility at Goddard Space Flight Center. The satellite was tested at several different angles to simulate the increased feeling of gravity’s pull on the satellite during launch. Goddard's centrifuge can accelerate 2.5 tons to speeds so high that the payload experiences forces 30 times greater than the pull of Earth's gravity.

GPM Science Objectives

GPM is designed to advance scientific understanding of the Earth's water and energy cycle but also provides near real-time data for a wide array of societal applications. As a science mission with integrated application goals, the GPM mission has five scientific objectives:

Ground Validation

Looking ahead it is becoming apparent that the future of precipitation research is probably not one in which satellite data are used in isolation. Instead, integration of satellite precipitation measurements with ground observations, cloud resolving


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