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2020 NASA GPM-ACCP Transport and Logistics Workshop




November 2, 4 and 5, 2020 (no meeting November 3rd)


Virtual Platform: Microsoft Teams or WebEx*
* Closer to the event date, all registered participants will receive virtual meeting login details & instructions.

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Workshop Description

In a series of three half-day virtual meetings, this workshop will focus on current applications and future opportunities of NASA precipitation and cloud data products to support transport and logistical activities for aviation, maritime, roads and highway transportation systems. The workshop will bring together representatives from federal and state operational agencies, private companies and boundary organizations to discuss how NASA precipitation and cloud products could be better leveraged to inform decision making for transport and logistical operations. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for end users to engage with the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission and the Aerosol, Clouds, Convection and Precipitation (ACCP) Designated Observable Study Team to address current satellite use and challenges as well as future satellite needs.

The main objectives of the workshop include:

  • Provide opportunities to expand community engagement on satellite applications and needs, with a focus on transportation and logistics sectors
    • Reach into communities that are expanding their capabilities of using satellite data directly from NASA as input into their systems.
  • Provide overviews and opportunities for discussions on how current NASA data products are being used for transportation and logistical activities for aviation, marine, and highway systems.
  • Articulate the challenges and barriers from the community related to the use of satellite data related to transportation and logistics.
  • Discussion of current and future satellite needs and gaps and how products from the ACCP study may be used by this community.
  • Increase awareness of NASA products for this community of users for future research and applications.
  • Short training on GPM products

Workshop Outcomes

  • Establish “Community Working Groups” to encourage continued dialogue, opportunities and collaboration among the transportation and logistics sector to engage with NASA mission activities.
  • Series of follow-up training sessions designed to introduce and expand access and use of various NASA data and products for transportation and logistics.
  • Development of highlights and case studies illustrating how transport and logistic communities are utilizing NASA data and products for decision making.
  • White paper reporting on lessons-learned from the workshop of the current and future status of NASA Earth Observations for transport and logistics for federal, state, and private operations.


Day 1 (1:00pm – 5:00pm EDT, November 2, 2020):

Focus topic: Introduction and overview + ACCP + New and emerging research 

The first day will include an introductory session to outline current GPM status and activities, other relevant products from NASA’s Earth science missions, as well as an overview of the Aerosols, Clouds, Convection, and Precipitation Study. This will be followed by NASA presentations highlighting new and emerging research and examples in this field. The day will conclude with an opportunity to answer questions from the community. 

Day 2 (1:00pm – 5:00pm EDT, November 4, 2020):

Focus topic: Transportation Panel 

Day two will focus on two panel sessions consisting of presentations from the perspective of operational and emerging end-users in the transportation sector, followed by a discussion with guided questions to the group about data needs, opportunities, and the view forward. This will include opportunities for community feedback on GPM and the ACCP science and applications potential products. 

Day 3 (10:00am – 12:30pm and 1:00pm – 5:00pm EDT, November 5, 2020):

Focus topics: (1) Optional Participation and Training Session and (2) Logistics and Supply Chain Management Panel 

Day three will begin with an optional a 1.5- 2 hour training session. The training will cover GPM resources and data access followed by an exercise to highlight the use of GPM and other NASA products for decision-making within the transportation sector. 

The training session will then be followed by a focused panel session consisting of presentations from the perspective of operational and emerging end-users from logistical and supply chain management operations, followed by a discussion with guided questions to the group about data needs, opportunities, and the view forward. This will include opportunities to provide community feedback on ACCP potential products and applications.

Registration & More Information

Workshop Registration: https://forms.gle/wnumaPDj3Hr3H73p9

Download the Workshop Flyer (.pdf) 

For Questions Please contact Andrea Portier, GPM & ACCP Applications Coordinator, at: andrea.m.portier@nasa.gov

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