IMERG Sees Record Australia Rainfall

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IMERG Sees Record Australia Rainfall

Over the past week extreme rainfall has drenched northeastern Australia. This is the heaviest rainfall in that area since tropical cyclone Debbie hit Queensland Australia in late March. Much of the recent extremely heavy rainfall was due to storms associated with a trough of low pressure slowly moving over northeastern Queensland from the Coral Sea. More than 100mm (3.9 inches) of rain in 24 hours was reported near Townsville in northern Queensland. A trough of low pressure moving eastward from central Australia has also been encroaching into western Queensland. 

Heavy Rainfall In The Caribbean Measured By IMERG

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Heavy Rainfall In The Caribbean Measured By IMERG

Heavy rainfall has recently caused widespread flooding and landslides in Jamaica. Occasional showers from trade winds are normal in Jamaica but recent rainfall from slow moving troughs have been unusually heavy. A 1009 mb low pressure center located in the western Caribbean was disrupting the normal trade winds over Jamaica today. 

V04 Reprocessed Early and Late IMERG products

The GPM project has reprocessed all the original NRT IMERG data both EARLY and LATE to product version V04A.  In addition, this reprocessing brought the IMERG  dataset back to the beginning of the GPM mission in March 2014.  The original NRT IMERG started its processing in March of 2015.

Currently only the HDF5 products have been reprocessed to V04A.  The TIFF/TFW versions will also be reprocessed but this will take a while longer.

Extreme U.S. Rainfall Analyzed With IMERG Data

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Extreme Rainfall Analyzed With IMERG Data

Tornadoes have accompanied severe weather over the United States almost daily during the past week. Severe storms spawned tornadoes from Texas and Oklahoma eastward through Mississippi. Upper Midwest states such Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky were also visited by tornadoes. Extreme rainfall caused deadly flooding in Missouri. More than a dozen people in the Midwest and South have been reported killed by tornadoes or flooding. The same weather system is spreading severe storms through East and Northeastern states today. 

Change in IMERG early 2/5/2017-3/12/2017

During the initial setup up for V04 IMERG, an error was made in the configuration for running the EARLY version of IMERG. This affected the V04A early data from Feb 5 - March 12, 2017. 

This error caused the early and the late products to be identical. Given that the LATE product is the more accurate product this might not be an issue for many users. However, users who need a consistent approach in the early data will need to download IMERG early Feb 5-March 12, 2017 again.

IMERG V04 Early and Late Online

The algorithm for the Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) Early and Late Runs has now been upgraded to Version 04.  The transition to V04 began at 15 UTC on March 13 and both the early and the late products were back to their target latency by 01:00 UTC, March 14.

The transition took longer than planned but the core IMERG version 04 products are now running automatically as the original V03. The product version is V04A and you will see this in the name of the IMERG HDF5 products. 


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